The Centre for Excellence in Creative Making (CECM)

is a commercial and educational initiative, uniting a network of the best UK creatives, practitioners, educators and operatives throughout the supply chain to support and promote the preservation of heritage skills across the leather and related industry sectors.

The creative direction of the CECM is motivated by a deep commitment to and belief in expansive innovation operating in harmony with traditional craftsmanship and expertise. We nurture fresh talent to pursue the expression and refinement of new ideas in creative making, a supportive network resource. Our aim is to rebuild the UK’s skillbase for creative manufacturing, through training, education, incubators and manufacturing.

Our Mission 

This is to create an environment where the skills and knowledge of craftspeople can be taught to new generations, thereby preserving the future of our creative industry.

To support and enhance existing complimentary activity, create new opportunity, promoting good practice, transparency, artistic benefit, and wealth of opportunity it can provide for all. 


Educationally – we encourage new entries – Training programmes, aimed at under grads, post grads, college students and grass root programmes for children 9-16.